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Your recipe servings do not fit your guest number ? Here is a way to easily adjust the quantities !

You have a recipe for 4 servings. But you have 7 guests ? MyKitchen Convert Tools is a smart and easy to use recipe scaler. It converts quantities and units from a number of servings to another. Adjusting the original quantities to the real portions you need becomes so easy !

With MyKitchen Convert Tools, no you do not have to worry about about scaling the quantites to your actual number of guests ! Just enter ingredients and quantities ! Our food database contains a large number of pre-filled ingredients and will make the input quick and smooth. It also provides nutritional informations about the recipe ingredients.

Easily adapt recipes quantities with this convert tool !

How to calculate the right proportions ?

For example : your recipe is for 4 servings. But you have 6 guests – or maybe 9 !  (bake some bread ?). How to scale the recipe quantities and use the right weights and volumes for each ingredients ?

1 – Recipe Servings adjustement

  • First, enter in the upper left corner the initial number of servings of your recipe i
  • Then type the final number of servings you wish in the right corner.

2 – Enter the recipe ingredients and quantities

  • The first line is ready to use.
  • Enter the quantity (weight or volume) in the red zone. This must be a numerical value.
  • Then select the measuring unit in the drop down menu (grams, cups, spoons, ….) next to the quantity.
  • In the next box enter the ingredient name. Y
  • A new line is now created, ready for your next ingredient !

How do I get the result ?

  • You can see the adjusted quantity right away in the green box on the right.
  • You can change the result unit according to the balance or the measuring glass you use :

    conversion d'unités poids et volumes recettes cuisine
    Here is an example where we move from a metric volume unit to a US volume unit.

Et voilà 🙂 :  You recipe is now scaled to your actual number of guests … No maths or complex calculation needed,  MyKitchen Convert Tools  does it all for you ! And now back to your cooking books and your kitchen !

Need kitchen tools for your recipes ?

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